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3D Theatre


About the theater

The Light-speed 3D Digital Theatre is a ground breaking new approach to capturing the imagination of today's media savy science city visitors. Audience of all ages are left spellbound by the theatre's use of three dimensional computer graphics, videos and the most advanced animations.

In this show, one will see the objects flying out of the screen coming in every direction; creepy characters reaching out to grab you giving a feeling that you are a part of an action.

Experience the Thrill!


Now Showing:



1. 3D Movie : Magic Master


     Duration : 5 minutes


2. 3D Movie : Alibaba


     Duration : 5 minutes


3. 3D Movie : Drug Resistance


     Duration : 5 minutes


4. 3D Movie : Prehistoria


     Duration : 5 minutes


5. 3D Movie : Artherosclerosis


     Duration : 5 minutes



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