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Climate Change Theatre

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Climate Change Theatre

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Climate Change Theatre

Science City has set up a unique Climate Change Theatre, which is first of its kind in the country. Climate change theatre is a unique experience-filled theatre showing videos on two screens- flat and dome shaped and illuminating the static and moving fibre glass objects along with special light and sound effects, as the video displays storyline of the film.


The show outlines the serious and contemporary challenge of climate change. The 25 minute film explores what a worst-case future might look like if humans do not take action on current or impending problems that could threaten civilization. It leads the audience on an exploration of the very real changes happening on Earth today and how we can adapt our communities to these changes as we strive to reduce our carbon footprints.






Visit us to watch this educational and impactful show. We will leave you walk away with some important messages on the environment!






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