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Digital Planetarium


About the Planetarium


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The most amazing experience in any planetarium is to see the night skies, and to get a guided tour through the planets, constellations, and their enchanting dance through the seasons. PGSC planetarium offers this experience each and every time with astronomy shows imparting their sense of wonder, and increasing everyone’s awareness and understanding of astronomy, especially the kind you can enjoy in your own backyard.


PGSC has a multi channel Digital Planetarium system (Digistar 3) for projection of 3- dimensional colour night sky created by real time graphics generator and full-dome video playback system in the 23 meter dia dome theatre. In this theatre all the sights and sounds are created digitally. Dome is covered with breathtaking images along with 5.1 channel sorround sound system

Theatre has a seating capacity of 325 persons. The system uses PC technology in combination with Digistar 3 software designed by E & S USA.

Planetarium Shows
PG Science City View

  1. New Horizons (English & Hindi)

  2. Microcosm (English & Hindi)

  3. Introduction to Planets & Constellation (English & Hindi)

  4. Sky tonight (English & Hindi)

  5. Hide & seek in the sky (English & Hindi)

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