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Dinosaurs Park


About the Park

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Dinosaur Park has been setup in 2.63 hectare of land area. It shows the Evolution of dinosaurs on earth and also some of the probable reasons of their extinction.

Dinosaur Park has been divided in three periods:

  1. Triassic
  2. Jurassic
  3. Cretaceous

26 different types of Dinosaurs have been shown by 45 different dinosaur models in their natural habitat. Starting from the smallest known dinosaur “Compsognathus”, to the giant dinosaurs like “Seismosaurus” of Jurassic period and “Argentinosaurus” of Cretaceous period have been shown.


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Plants like Araucaria, Cycads, Palms and Ferns also resemble the plantation of that era. Even the rock models represent the structure of rocks of that era.





Moving Dinosaurs


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Volcano is 35 feet high structure consisting of four moving dinosaurs with sound effects. The outer look of the structure gives the look of volcanic eruption.

Dinosaurs had become extinct after a massive volcanic eruption, that was why the moving dinosaurs were placed in a 35-feet high structure resembling a volcano.


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