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Energy Park


Renewable Energy Education Park

PG Science City View

Renewable Energy Education Park (REEP) is set up in Science City with the assistance of the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES) and Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) .

Objectives of Renewable Energy Park

  1. To create awareness among the masses about the new technologies developed in the area of renewable energy.
  2. To educate students/masses regarding applications of various renewable energy sources, energy conservation measures.
  3. In order to make awareness of renewable energy sources, informative pavilion is set up along with renewable energy gadgets and models

The entire park area has some unique civil and landscaping scenario. All the exhibits are interactive and educative.


Solar Centre

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Solar energy is the radiant energy of the sun, which can be converted into other forms of energy, such as heat or electricity

This center comprises of exhibits related to Solar energy

Indoor exhibits

  1. Physics of Solar Photovoltaic
  2. Solar music system, Solar weighing machine, Fridge etc.
  3. Solar energy quiz and games
  4. Solar replica
  5. Panels and blowups
  6. Flat plate TV Screen with audio visual

Hydel Power Centre

PG Science City View


Hydroelectric power is electricity produced from the energy of falling water. The basic theory of hydroelectric power generation is to harness the potential energy within falling water.

Various turbines models (like Pelton, Crossflow, Kaplan, Francis) are displayed in Hydel power centre, to explain there structure and working principle

Indoor exhibits

  1. Model of Ranjit Sagar Dam -    Shahpur Kandi
  2. Working model of Kaplan turbine, Pelton wheel, francis turbine etc
  3. Water fall animation
  4. Panels and blowups

Solar Restaurant

PG Science City View


Solar water heating system

One no. 500 LPD capacity solar water heating system is installed. Hot water generated is used in restaurant


Solar cooking system

Different models of solar cookers are installed as working model and solar cooked food is served in restaurant.


Solar Dish Cooker

PG Science City View

The concentrating type parabolic dish solar cooker is useful for homes  and small establishments. The temperature at the bottom of the cooking pot is around 350 to 400oC which is sufficient for roasting, frying and boiling






Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant

PG Science City View


Grid Interactive Solar Photovoltaic power plant of 20 KW capacity is centralised system where 260 nos. of Silicon PV modules of 75 Watt peak normal rating under Standard Testing Conditions are installed.

Wind Mill

A Wind Mill of 60 ft height is installed. Wind turbine converts the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy. If the mechanical energy is used directly by machinery, such as a pump or grinding stones, the machine is usually called a windmill. If the mechanical energy is then converted to electricity, the machine is called a wind generator.

Outdoor attractions

Water Throwing  Elephant

PG Science City View A water sensor is suitably placed hidden inside the trunk of the elephant. As and when, visitor throws water to its trunk, water sensor gets active, which actuates a gear motor and make the elephant capable to lift its trunk. A mini pump is also activated to throw water.

Magic Rain

An infrared sensor is suitably placed hidden behind the seat of the exhibit. As and when, visitor takes seat, infrared sensor gets active and switch on a relay, which actuates the showers and lights.

Other Attractions

PG Science City View
  1. Power generating Drum
  2. Energy Slip
  3. Battery operated Bus with back-up batteries
  4. Battery operated Bicycle and Solar Car

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