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Visitor Questionnaire


We welcome your feedback on the Science City. Please use the questionnaire below to send us your impressions about the Science City. Alternatively you may email us directly at

Thank you for your time, and for visiting Science City

1. How did you come to Know about the Science City ?

Tour Organizer

Any Other Source

2. Was there any difficulty in finding Science City ?

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3. Were you given right information on arrival ?

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4. Was there any difficulty in getting the tickets and using the Ticketing System ?

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5. What did you like the most (Tick only two) ?

Dome Theatre
Laser Show
Flight Stimulator
3-D Show
Science Exhibits

6. Do you find the staff in the Science City helpful ?

Yes No

7. Did you find the staff knowledgeable for the job ?

Yes No

8. Do you find Science City clean ?

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9. Did you like the quality of food served in the restaurant ?

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10. Did you enjoy your visit to the Science City ?

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11. Any improvement suggested ?


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