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Fun Science


Fun Science Gallery Demonstrations

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Fun Science Exhibits
Prepare to be amazed and mesmerized at the Fun Science exhibits. Around 70 numbers of assorted interactive exhibits have been designed and fabricated and clustered together on the basis of basic fundamental science themes. The exhibits reflect the basic principles of reflection, refraction, sound waves, vibrations, illusions, primary colours, work, energy & power etc. in a very interesting and interactive way.

The Vortex


Go through tunnel & observe amazing feeling

In this exhibit a fluorescent screen is revolving around a still platform. Two mirrors have been placed opposite to each other on both sides, which results in the formation of a very long tunnel. When somebody runs through the channel, due to the revolving screen it looks that the platform is also moving. So, the person tilts towards one side and becomes unable to stand properly.


Get Puzzled


Pick Me Up If You Can

The exhibit is constructed by two paraboloidal Mirrors of equal focal length. These mirrors are positioned face to face separated by distance equal to their focal length with an object at the focal point of upper mirror. The pair of mirrors form the real image of the object which is seen as floating above the hole of top mirror.


Catch me if you can

The exhibit demonstrates the principle of a switching circuit. When your hand approaches to catch a ball placed at the center it cuts the light beam falling on photosensitive cell thereby activating the relay switch, which in turn energizes an electro magnet. This magnet then pulls down the ball and your are not able to catch it


Power Station


Lift you own weight

The pulley system used in this exhibit works as a simple machine that provides a great mechanical advantage for lifting heavy weights with a lower applied force thus making the task easier.



The exhibit demonstrates conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. When you pedal the bicycle, its back wheel that is connected to the dynamo produces electricity to power the LED and two headlights.


Energy ball

The exhibit demonstrates the principle of conservation of energy. It shows that potential energy acquired by a ball is transformed into other forms of energy viz. to move the pendulums, turn the wheels and in ringing the bells etc.


Water Works


Water From Where--
a exhibit on Optical Illusion that will boggle your mind.

Prepare to be amazed and mesmerized at this exhibit! Water flowing inside and outside the plastic pipe through a pump from covered bottom part of the exhibit gives an illusion as if the water is flowing down from the magic tap without a water connection. This illusion is created, as the eye cannot distinguish the boundary of the water and plastic pipe having nearly equal refractive indices.


Imagination Games


Moiré Patterns

The exhibit demonstrates that Moiré patterns are generated by overlapping of figures with repetitive feature.


Carnival of Wonders


Head on a Platter--
a exhibit on Optical Illusion

Ever seen yourself without a body ? You can make your body magically disappear at this exhibit. This exhibit creates an optical illusion by the reflection from flat mirrors.


Toss a Coin

The exhibit demonstrates the Theory of probability i.e., for a large no. of tosses of a coin, the no. of occurrences of head is equal to that of a tail.


Playing Carom

The exhibit demonstrates the property of an ellipsoidal mirror by playing the striker in an elliptical shaped carom i.e., the two foci are conjugate (the object placed at one of the foci forms the image at other).


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