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Health Gallery


About the Amazing Living Machine Gallery

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Entrance Health Gallery

Amazing Living Machine gallery is designed for the students from the age of 8 to 15 and the general public. This gallery consists of three sections


1. Health Gallery


2. HIV AIDS Gallery


3. Biotechnology Gallery


4. Transparent Man Theatre


Gallery reveals the intricate structures and functions of the human body using large human models. In this gallery, information on the Anatomy and Physiology of human body has been displayed through various interactive exhibits. The star attractions are the Transparent Man Theatre, Giant Walk through Heart, CT Scan, Operation Theatre, Countdown to Birth, Interactive giant model of human cell, chromosomes, DNA model and various other interactive biotechnology based exhibits.

Health Gallery Exhibits  

Walk through Heart model

Giant walk through beating Heart Model of 12 feet tall demonstrates the working of circulatory system while visitors walk through it.


Breathe In & Breathe Out

Mechanical model of breathing lungs displayed in clear acrylic cavity also showing mechanism to move diaphragm up and down. Model of lungs lying in the young person's upper torso to show location of lungs in chest.


Follow your food

This exhibit displayed the movement of food starting from Mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and ends in anus.


CT Scan

The exhibit is a real size model of CT scan machine which is placed behind a glass wall and the visitor interacted with different switches of CT scan machine to get the patient couch movement along with the real scans.


Operation Theatre

This interactive exhibit demonstrated an operation theatre and operation technique with real look instruments and furniture in which a mannequin is to be kept on operation table undergoing laparoscopy operation for the removal of Gall bladder.


Charge Up the Skeleton - Watch the Movement of Your Joints

The exhibit depicts the movement of the bone joint such as ankle, knee & hip joint by pedaling on the bicycle.


Want to Know Your Heartís Health

By pedaling on the bicycle, the increased heart rate demonstrates the changes in the shape of your ECG (Electrocardiogram) on the display screen. ECG measures and displays the electrical signal that the heart produces as it beats.


Measure your Pulse Rate

The exhibit displays your pulse rate and wave shape on the display screen when you insert you index finger into the finger clip. The pumping of heart sends regular shock wave through the blood circulation, which is detectable as a pulse


Identify Bacteria & Viruses

Viruses are very tiny and can only multiply by interaction with our body cells. These viruses and bacteria, which cause diseases, can be seen and identified by various types of microscopes on display in this gallery.

Trasparent Man Theatre  

The Transparent Man theatre shows the aspects of human life, human organs and their function along with their amazing facts thru audio and visual mode.

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