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Laser Theatre


About the theater

Laser show provides means of understanding the use of lasers in the field of scientific entertainment.A much hype and curiosity exists in the minds of people regarding these types of shows as they practically do not exist in the country. This laser show will take visitor to the wonder land where one will experience sudden shots of fog with mind boggling mix of sound and laser beams.

Discover the secrets behind lasers and more.....


Now Showing:


Laser Graphic Show :


1. Judwa, Duration: 5 Min 40 sec

2. Jai Ho, Duration:  5 Min 20 sec

3. Thirst Crow, Duration: 2 Min 36 sec

4. Jungle Boogie, Duration: 3 Min


Beam Show :

1. Laung Gwacha, Duration: 3 Min

2. Chak De, Duration:  3 Min

3. Brazile, Duration: 3 Min

4. Waka Waka, Duration: 3 Min 40 sec





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