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Life Through Ages

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Panorma on Life Through Ages

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Life Through Ages

Life Through Ages Panorma at Pushpa Gujral Science City Kapurthala, Punjab has been set up in 80-feet diameter dome-like structure and showcases evolution from the Big Bang to the present day world. It also tells all about dinos-their origin, gaining gigantic size, and then their extinction.


Panorama has been divided into 16 different sections demonstrating major events through 2D and 3D models, huge background paintings along with landscaping, providing a wide-angle view of the entire occurrence. Each section defines an important event in the development of life on the earth.


The sections include:



  • Origin of the solar system
  • Origin and early evolution of life
  • Origin and evolution of early multi-cellular life
  • Invasion of land by plants and animals
  • Major coal deposits
  • Major extinction of primitive life
  • Origin of dinosaurs
  • Dinosaurs attain gigantic size
  • Dinosaurs become extinct
  • Rise of mammals
  • Origin of apes and other large mammals
  • Evolution of man-like ancestors
  • Ascent of early man-homo habilis and homo erectus
  • Modern man evolves-early homo sapiens
  • First burial-neanderthal man and appearance of art- cro-magnon man
Science of Sports Gallery
Science of Sports Gallery


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