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Flight Simulator


About the theater

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30 seater Flight Simulator provides visitors a sense of adventure through virtual expeditions to unknown and undiscovered places. It is a theatre style ride Simulator where you will sit on a chair in the capsule and watch the computer generated film on the screen as wide as capsule for a dynamic fast moving total involvement and immersing experience.

It has six degrees of movement controlled by a computer to rock it back and forth. The visitors would have a fantastic real life experience as if zooming through the stars in an alien universe, making death defying leaps across chasms or burning the formula one track in your racing car or moving upside down as in a roller coaster.



Now Showing:


1. Simultor Ride: Time Gate to Egypt


     Duration : 4 minutes


2. Simultor Ride: Roller Coaster


    Duration : 3 minutes 30 sec


3. Simultor Ride: Virtual Time Machine


    Duration : 4 minutes



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