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Science of Sports

  Sports Gallery

About the Science of Sports Gallery

Science of Sports Gallery
Science of Sports Gallery

Science of Sports gallery at Pushpa Gujral Science City Kapurthala, Punjab is the first sports gallery in India that gives the basic knowledge and other valuable information regarding various games


The gallery is built at a cost of Rs.1 crore and intends to familiarise the visitors with the applications of scientific principles in sports - role of gravity, projectile motion, momentum, force, energy, impulse, Newton’s Law of Motion, materials used in equipment etc. and understanding and improving performance in sports.

Gallery is ideal place to understand science behind various sports through playful and non-formal approach.

Several models at the gallery provide information about history of various sports, ground dimensions, possible injuries and safeguards.

The gallery has been divided into various sections and gives the detaied information about the following sports

  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Lawn tennis
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Rural sports


The gallery also gives the information for other sports like Hurdles, Boxing, Pole Vaulting, Weight lifting, Discus throw, Sailing, Shot put, Hammer throw, Swimming, Parallel Bar Gymnastic, Fencing, Javelin throw, Archery, Racing, Judo, Shooting, Artistic Gymnastic, Equestrian, Cycling and Long jump.

Star Attractions  
  • Demonstration of the working of the Third Umpire in Cricket matches


  • Revolving Model showing Abdominal Muscles for core stability in Cricket
  • Giant Model of Old Wooden Racquet / Present Graphite Racquet and various type of Grips in Lawn Tennis section
  • Life Size Model of Player in Kicking Position facing Goal keeper in Soccer section
  • Model of Goal Keeper and Hockey player in action
  • Models showing different positioning of Players like Serving, Dig, Spike, Bump and Block in Volleyball Section
  • Model of Shooting and Defensive Position & Model in Dribbling and in bent Position of players in Basketball Section.

  • Rural Sports of Kila Raipur
Hands on Activity exhibit  

Rock climbing

A Inflatable wall is designed to climb up at the highest peak.




Balance Beam

A beam bar and a mirror allow you to test your balance and agility.


Measure your height

On standing in front of the panel of measuring scale. You can measure your height.


Hang Time

Do a Chin up exercise and see the length of your endurance counted through digital meter.


Reaction Test

It measures the alertness of the driver when traffic lights are green, red and yellow.

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