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Virtual Reality


About the Virtual Reality & Cyber Space Gallery

PG Science City View
Virtual Reality Gallery

Virtual Reality & Cyber Space gallery is designed to provide fun, entertainment and education to people of all ages and backgrounds.


The gallery is built at a cost of Rs.2 crore and whole concept is conceived, designed and developed by the scientists of the Science City itself within a period of one and half year.


This gallery consists of following sections


1. Cyber Space


2. Virtual Reality Shadow Control


3. Virtual Game Stations


4. Virtual Laboratory


The section on Cyber space deals with revolving model of integrated circuit, How e-mail works, How ATM works and Image Scanner. Virtual Reality Shadow control contains six exhibits Marble Marshal, Molecular Bubbles, Virtual Butterflies, Shadow Harp, Virtual Sand and Magical Flowers based on shadow control. Virtual Game Stations has six exhibits in which the camera captures the image of a participant and superimposes the player’s image into the virtual scene. The star attractions are the Virtual Makeover, Virtual Jigsaw & Virtual Games exhibits.

Cyber Space Exhibits    

How E-mail Works

This exhibit demonstrates the working principal of e-mailing through Internet. Six participants can exchange their messages at a time. Any participant can send mail to other 5 other participants.


How ATM Works

This exhibit explains the working of ATM machine to the visitors. In this exhibit, some magnetic coded different colored cards are kept on a tray beside the ATM. The PIN of the colored cards is pasted over the ATM. In this machine leaflet of PGSC will come out instead of currency note


Image Scanner

Image Scanner is based on the principle of formation of image by pixels using array of LEDs. Visitor stands before a panel of LEDs placed on its sides. This intercept the IR rays originating from array of IR sensor and detected by IR detectors. This causes the corresponding LEDs to glow which have been intercepted thereby forming the shadow (consisting of glowing LEDs).


Revolving IC

A giant model of IC made with transparent fibre body is mounted in a cylindrical tube of 4 feet high and 3.5 feet diameter, fitted on a rounded base of 4 feet dia and 2 feet height. The IC model has transparent cover and embossed inside with many full sized transistors, diodes and resistances to enable visitors to see its inside components.


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