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Virtual Reality


About the Virtual Reality & Cyber Space Gallery

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Virtual Reality Gallery

Virtual Reality & Cyber Space gallery is designed to provide fun, entertainment and education to people of all ages and backgrounds.


The gallery is built at a cost of Rs.2 crore and whole concept is conceived, designed and developed by the scientists of the Science City itself within a period of one and half year.


This gallery consists of following sections


1. Cyber Space


2. Virtual Reality Shadow Control


3. Virtual Game Stations


4. Virtual Laboratory


The section on Cyber space deals with revolving model of integrated circuit, How e-mail works, How ATM works and Image Scanner. Virtual Reality Shadow control contains six exhibits Marble Marshal, Molecular Bubbles, Virtual Butterflies, Shadow Harp, Virtual Sand and Magical Flowers based on shadow control.


Virtual Game Stations has six exhibits in which the camera captures the image of a participant and superimposes the player’s image into the virtual scene.The system creates a virtual scene with objects to block or courses to navigate, and displays this on a large screen monitor that the player can see in front of them. A single video camera captures the image of the player and superimposes the player’s image into the virtual scene.

Virtual Game Stations    

Game Station 1

1. Shark Bait : DIVE FOR SEA TREASURE! This underwater treasure hunt allows you to swim with dolphins while avoiding electric eels and great white sharks.


2. Digital Drums: FUN FOR EVERYONE! This fun game allows you to march to the beat of your own drums! Watch yourself as you compose a new beat with our animated drum set.


3. Wizard Cavern: COLLECT WIZARD RINGS! In this multi-level adventure, you have to collect wizard rings while overcoming malevolent bats and dragons that try to steal your power and keep you from completing your quest.


4. Birds & Balls: As colored orbs float past your image on the screen, use your lightest touch to make beautiful things happen. When your image makes contact, the spheres undergo a metamorphosis into birds of a brilliant hue.


Game Station 2

1. Formula GX : COMPETE FOR THE CHECKERED FLAG! This one-of-a-kind racing game allows you to see yourself in the driver's seat of a high-powered race car!


2. Airborne Rangers: JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE JUST GOT EASIER! Take a confident 'leap of faith' as you see your image jump from an airplane soaring high above the ground.


3. GravBall : ZERO-GRAVITY FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! One or two players are "beamed" into the zero-gravity space station arena to compete in a pong-like game.


4. Kayaking : WHITEWATER ACTION WITHOUT THE RISK OF INJURY! A fun filled kayaking simulation challenge.


Game Station 3

1. VolleyBall: THE BEST OF THE BEACH IN VIRTUAL VOLLEYBALL! Virtual Volleyball will puts your live interactive video image on the sandy court for a seaside match against software’s virtuoso of volleyball.


2. Soccer GX: TEST YOUR NETMINDING SKILLS! You see yourself in the crease, defending the net - use your entire body to block a barrage of shots from your off-screen opponents.


3. Shut-out Hockey: TAKE ON HIGH-SCORING HOCKEY SNIPERS! Shut Out allows "arm-chair goalies" to step right into the action to become the hockey goaltender.


4. Basket Ball: ONE ON ONE CHALLENGES This game will features one on one challenges against actual footage of four of today's top basketball stars.


Virtual Music Station

Virtual Music is a ‘Virtual Light Switch’ in which eight coloured light beams shine down acting as clear visual reference points for the user. When any beam is ‘broken’ or interrupted, a signal is created which activates previously selected events. The beams will play when the reflective surface is blocked and will stop triggering when the beams can see the reflective surface again


Virtual Makeover

Virtual Makeover is flash based makeup game in which users can apply different make up e.g. hair, head wear, glasses, lipstick to their own picture as well as play with the pre stored pictures.


Virtual Jigsaw

Virtual Jigsaw is a skill based puzzle game in which users can create jigsaw puzzles with their own pictures.


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